News from summer

Alot has happen during this summer.

Viggo won his first BOB at Varkaus in may. He also debuted in speciality show with better result than expected, he was BOB again!

After the speciality show we took a train to Oulu INT shows. We won everything there was to offer: 2 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 2 x CACIB, 2 x CAC

At the beginning of august I visited in Denmark with Pinja. She gained Danish CAC and became DK & NORDIC Champion!

Last weekend was the end of the outdoor show season. And what an end it was! Viggo took his 5th BOB, 10th CAC and ended up in Group 4th! Pinja was BOS again.

Pinja is starting her veteran class career in next month, we are waiting it with a great excitement!


Some show results

Viggo ended his puppy classes with another BOB-puppy placement under Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, who really liked him. Viggo is going to Varkaus next weekend, where he shows himself in junior class to the same judge.

Viggo's first entry in junior class was at Outokumpu group show 25.4.2017, where and he gained his first CAC with a really nice critique.

Yesterday was Tampere INT show, where Viggo got his second CAC. Unto was BOB and Pinja BOS, both with CACIB.


Show dog of the year -competition results

Pinja's results from the last years competitions

or local club
Loimaan seudun kennelkerho
Show dog of the year 2016 - 2nd place

Finnish Lundehund club
Show dog of the year 2016 - 2nd place


Show year 2017 has started

What a nice start for this year.

Pinja was BOB in Turku with a very nice critique, the judge Anita Whitmarsh absolutely loved her.

Viggo started his show career at Lahti puppy shows. He hit the jackpot and was Best In Group 4 in his very first show! He was BOB-puppy also in second day. He really charmed the judges in both days. Thank You Jaana for showing him!



Viggo is training his upcoming show career by winning the puppy class in Match show at Kuopio.


Lahti INT show

Judge Erja Nummi, FIN

Anarchos Flikflatik BOS+CACIB
Mj°skastellets Ask BOB+CACIB


Pinja 7 years!


Seinńjoki INT show

Judge Elina Haapaniemi, FIN; Group judge: Astrid Lundava, EST

Anarchos Flikflatik BOS+CACIB
Mj°skastellets Ask BOB+CACIB & BIG-4!


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